Met Police hacked with bizarre tweets posted online

Screengrab of hacked Met Police tweet
Image caption Some tweets called for the release of drill rap artist Digga D

The Twitter account of the Metropolitan Police has been hacked, with a series of bizarre messages posted.

A series of tweets were sent from the force’s verified account, which has more than a million followers, including one about rapper Digga D.

A stream of unusual emails were also sent from the force’s press bureau at about 23:30 BST on Friday.

Scotland Yard confirmed that its account had “been subject to unauthorised access”.

Superintendent Roy Smith tweeted: “Our media team are working hard to delete the messages and ensure the security of the account.

“Please ignore any tweets until we verify that it is back under official control.”

Image caption The Met’s account has more than a million followers

The tweets, which have subsequently been deleted, contained offensive language and mentioned the names of several people.

The posts also linked to press releases regarding the rapper and an apparent missing child.

It has been suggested the hackers got access to the force’s “MyNewsdesk” application, which automatically pushes press releases out to the Met’s website, email subscribers and Twitter feeds.

BBC home affairs producer Daniel De Simone tweeted that the hack was a “serious issue” and added: “The press and public relies on comms from the Met during emergencies such as terror attacks.”

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